Life’s Quote For Living

I keep a quote in my head every second to believe in myself my rights from wrongs my right from my left hand my focus is a weapon to conquer all doubts, I’m deaf I can only hear myself and not them I guess self believing is an anthem. Believe in yourself at all cost not spend, especially when the feeling is melt by small talks just lift your confidence by telling yourself your all smart, mind all sharpe and by any means, keep a smile every day not too much laugher though times hard don’t give up on your dreams. The reality to make it in life is a struggle but you can achieve anything in life with effort only the weak is submissive, if keep thinking of life as a puzzle you will never know the strength of your muscle, to gain enough and reap from da hustle.

When lost in consciousness think about your comfort-ness what makes you happy, things you can do that can benefit your well-being, and your life in general on a good path in your journey. There’s always something anyone can do that is profitable to your life and maybe other’s too that can build a positive energy and focus in your life. Don’t give up because you thinks it’s a weight too heavy or it’s a burden in life, don’t be lackadaisical because nothing in life is as easy as abc, asleep or awake so to achieve your goals hard work is necessary by all means to gain and your focus is to be strong and work at it by sweat n tear, be real and not fake life is great treat it like enjoying your favorite temp on a stake well cooked to perfection. Enjoy yourself and be happy you can make your life enjoyable.

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