The Skill Of Woodworking


Woodworking is the skill of making items from wood and it includes, the carving and making of things like: bed, cabinet, carpentry, joinery, etc.

When I just started out I didn’t know anything like how to start, I was interested to learn the book part of it but the practical I did not.

It was difficult to learn at school for me because there wasn’t enough space, so I have to wait until I got home or passing by my neighbor small woodworking shop and try out their machines.

I’ve learnt the book part of it at school and the practical part at home.

At home I would go to my neighbors workshop look at the different types of wood and take away some to my parents house. At home, the first item I ever built was a small chair, it was not so unique but I tried my best.

I built a guitar out of a bamboo i so was dying to do that but couldn’t figure out a way to build it out of wood. I’ve also built table a small kitchen with shelves, carts, etc.

I started buying my tools one by one like months apart because it was rough but the first thing I’ve bought is a hammer and a tape.

Start with a small space at home underneath the house and start building things with what I’ve got.

You may not have it all to start I’ve started with what I’ve got and now I can do much better, you can start with what you’ve got.

During my search for ideas I’ve came upon Ted’s woodworking book, it’s a book that has over 16,000 plans .

If your struggling to find plans or ideas for your project try Ted’s Woodworking book it has many plans and ideas for you.

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