6 Steps For Making A New Year’s Resolution

Are you keen to reinvent your?

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Yes it’s that time of year once again,when we feel as if we have to turn over a new leaf.

Don’t set yourself up for failure this year by vowing to make huge changes that will be hard to keep.

1– Just pick one thing

2– Plan ahead

3– Plan rewards

4– Go for it

5– Pick a start date

6– Anticipate problems

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During All Resolutions

There will be problems so make a list of what to expect. On a big day go for it 100% make a commitment and write it down on a card.

Small rewards are great encouragement to keep you going during the hardest first days.

To ensure success you need to research the change you’re making and plan ahead so you have the resources available when you need them.


Perseverance is the key to success.Try again, keep trying and you will succeed.

What is your aim for 2021? Comment below in the comment section.

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