Starting Your Career From Nothing To Something

I grow up with very little to survive from, no electricity, no stove, no refrigerator. My bed was made with a big sheet sowed around the edges stuffed with old clothes until it’s nice and firm like a real mattress. I had a good house, strong,firm and surfy with a wonderful grandmother and mother. My mother can’t talk from I’ve known her until now, she has never worked before. It’s sad to know, it hurts in feeling but it never stops the aim to achieve.

Schooling wasn’t hard but it wasn’t a main priority at the time, because the struggles was so hard and it needs financial support to maintain. During school the mentally was to get out there and help my family find something to do now and make a difference, I was sorry for my parents am still are but life is better as days goes by. Focus was a big issue for me because I can’t focus a 100% at school while I have to think about important issues at home like preparing things to go on the road to sell, how to find things, what to find, those was on my mind while at school because before school I used to travel to a different city/town and sell, from 4:30 am in the morning to catch early sales and get back to school by 8:00 with teachers and kids have no knowledge of. It’s a long journey, it’s interesting, it’s very emotional I am happy and thankful every day and I encourage everyone to be of good courage and strength, focus in a positive direction.

It gives me more strength to go for what I want to accomplish in life it’s hard the journey but the fight keeps improving as the journey to build and create a bigger picture lives on. Not everyone life’s start the same definition of rough, every rough and hard life is different. Others are going through worst so we have to be thankful for what we have can build on.

Coming from a life where I wish I had many things to start with,but never the less I have hope, I believe that when you work for what you want to achieve it will become available. But time decide on its journey, while giving up is not an option.

Everyday I’m grateful, not only for what I have but for being able to control, grow and keep on aiming because more is always available in good. It can never be too good, but it can be too bad.

Start your future with a career you are comfortable with and good at, pays good and futuristic. I love woodworking and cooking, but crave to help and inspire people, everyone needs a little advice and a word of encouragement, even me.

Life seems harder everyday no matter how much you try, it’s a test just like when playing video games but this time its the reality of survival with no repellent or booster, it’s only hard when you give up or not pushing enough. We have to understand that accomplishment and achievements is not lightweight, no matter what you want to become in life it is challenging and heavy so you have to work twice as hard to break the barriers without giving up thinking there’s no hope. Your hope is life and once you have life you have the opportunity to make it right, make it better and with so much lackadaisical people around becoming a trend we have to work triple hard.

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