Attention: Woodworkers with limited funds and small spaces…..

visit link to start your shop —-
  • RALPH CHAPMAN ___—- The small shop Expert, in love with woodworking for more than 25 years. Like you, he had struggles with buying tools setting up a workshop and practicing craft. But with all that said, the hard-work has paid off!
  • Never give up no matter the struggles its hard to hurdle without strength 💪 of confidence, staying focus is very necessary in building you into a motivated, confident , focus, and proud person. Think of it like a hobby, the more you do it the more it becomes a daily routine, a job, imagine having a shop so well laid-out that it FEELS like a larger shop.

Every woodworker would like to have more workshop space. A large space is nice for many reasons, but you actually don’t need a large space to set up an effective shop. In order to demonstrate, set up a complete wood working shop in one corner of a typical two car garage. This workshop includes all the key tools necessary to tackle a wide variety of woodworking projects and still allows two cars to park in the garage.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Denniranks says:

    Ralph Chapman I respect your work, give thanks 🙏 hard work paid off, more blessings.


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