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Why do we love video games

  • A big reason why we love video games so much, i feel, is because they are an escape from our boring lives. We can never get enough of fun, excitements, that feel inside , another reason I believe we love it is because they give us a knowledge of accomplishment. the feeling you get when you rock a good game, complete every levels, a good game is a feeling so challenging, so fun, that’s hard to compete with.


  1. You can be more connected to you’re inner child
  • 2. Have an easy escape from stress of life
  • 3. YOU are going to be exposed to greater creativity and imagination.
  • 4. Last but not least, immediately have something to bond over with other people.
  • Lovers of games, a great video game critic is both an archaeologist and a tour guide. I like characters and stories that challenge the assumptions of the previous generation of games, that don’t default to the agony , where the average person chooses games based on taste, and perhaps a passing consideration of reviews.
  • I do play more games than the average, inevitably the law of averages step in. The more games I play, the better I get, the more knowledge, understand and a peace of calm within mind. I’ll come across something that doesn’t connect, be it a character, a gameplay concept or maybe a method with which the game’s publisher tries to milk each player for cash.

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