The importance of Fitness/why.

Fitness is essential in our everyday living/lives as we grow older our body tends to weaken than strengthens that’s where our care for health comes in. I care so should you even if not but at least consider think of it like the necessity of a car for instance ::: oil change, sparks plug,battery change ,tires engine etc all parts requires service from time to time so does our body requires check ups ,treatments and an overall care to go on.As we read in blogs,newspapers,sites and watch videos regarding health care purposes it is very serious and necessary to take care of ones health exercise when possible,constant drinking of water, the consumption of healthier fresh products.I believe everyone should live healthy, I believe in unity and strength if we work together towards being more concern health wise our stress levels will be blank our mentality will be filled with the right knowledge and understanding with key elements of how or what to do regardless of the situation or problems.Many ask the questions:does it makes a difference?Yes it does. Does it requires a cost?Sometimes does,sometimes doesn’t why wait for our health to be severe and sick to try and treat the problem why not prevent it by changing a few things in our lives it costs to be sick than to be healthy it also not a good thing or feeling also I would love to be happy forever and that starts with great health to erase painful stresses.

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