Main Purpose Of Health (MPOH)

Our health evolves around our daily intake of every individual way of living consuming what’s right or wrong as in health/unhealthy. Many of us eat because we’re hungry or crave while rest or others for health and care purposes although everyone is entitled to their own benefits doesn’t mean that if someone is living wrong one can’t make it right sometimes in our lives we need a mentor a word of wisdom and encouragement:People live by failures,lessons, mistakes and choices .If someone is stressed they may turn to some popcorn or ice cream,cakes and sweets (bad idea) such person needs advice because of their choice it can lead to obesity/over weight.Stress is similar to the air we breathe why I said that is because we make everything stressful rather than finding the solution for it we may think that eating more is it or doing something physically wrong or bad when all we need is a little advice a glass of water and resolving the solution..Being healthy is less stress because it gives us confidence and that feeling of vigor the calmness it holds can resist stress in a instant with a little thought. Imagine you are in the position to solve all your problems before they escalate health wise, monetary wise etc would be beneficial to us.Caring for our health is as important as the air we breathe , the food we eat is a pleasure to our body if it’s of good quality and benefits I know some of us eats anything likewise everything but a lot more thought and consideration in our healthy lifestyle can make a big difference especially with stress as our top list contributing from overweight or unhealthy.

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